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Financial Aid

If you're thinking about applying to grad school, the cost of studies can often be as important as the program. We understand the anxiety many students feel in the face of rising living and tuition costs. Our Financial Aid office will ensure you recieve all the aid you're eligible for. Combined with low tuition costs and affordable housing options, there is a future for you at DSPT.

Scholarship Awards and Grants-in-Aid

DSPT offers an array of full and partial scholarships as well as grants-in-aid to both new and returning students. In awarding scholarships and grants-in-aid, our Committee looks at total financial need, academic performance, extracurricular activites, and participation in the community life of the Church and School. 

New applicants must apply to an MA program by the March 1 (for Fall applicants) or November 1 (for Spring applicants) priority deadline for consideration for institutional aid.  Please click link in the left hand bar for the estimated non-tuition expenses for the academic year. Applications for Scholarships and Grants received after these deadlines may be considered if there are extenuating circumstances which resulted in the application being submitted after the due date. 

Am I Eligible for Aid?

How to Apply for Scholarships and Grants-in-Aid

We're committed to making the financial aid process as easy as possible. In order to be considered for DSPT scholarships and grants, you must:

  • Submit a Scholarship Application form by March 1 (for Fall applicants) or November 1 (for Spring applicants).
  • Submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the U.S. Department of Education by our priority deadline (March 15 or November 1). Our Federal School Code is: 016673

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Veteran Benefits

Those eligible for benefits from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs should speak with their local VA representative. Information about VA educational benefits may be found at the VA website or in the Benefits for Veterans and Dependents Handbook. If you are a veteran and are considering applying to DSPT, please review the Student Bill of Rights and Considerations Prior to Enrollment, and submit a signed copy at the time of your application.

Federal Student Loans (Title IV Funds)

Some students rely on loans to cover at least some portion of educational costs. DSPT is authorized by the Department of Education to help students secure Title IV federal loans. Eligible students may borrow an Unsubsidized Direct Loan and/or a Direct Graduate PLUS loan to help finance the cost of education including the costs for books and supplies, room and board, transportation, and other expenses related to a student’s education that are part of the official cost of attendance

To determine your eligibility for Title IV funds and discuss the obligations entailed in taking out loans, students should make an appointment with the Financial Aid Director at DSPT.

Cost of Living 

To  establish  a  student’s  financial  need  and  the  total  aid  a  student  may  receive  under  the  Federal  Student  Aid program, the DSPT calculates an estimated Cost of Attendance (COA), or standard student  budget,  for  each  financial  aid  applicant. Click here to see the budget breakdown.

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